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A long time ago, Mr. Peter travelled all the way from Korea, to the land of spices, India. Having fallen in love with the country, Mr. Peter opened Café Peter in the year 2010, which is now a thriving Brand in Pune.
Café Peter is more than just a café. It is an experience. A connection.
Playing with a fusion of Indian, Korean and British look and ambience, we engage the customers to a wide variety of menu to choose from. Introducing a huge variety of International and Indian delicacies, Peter’s Café is ‘the’ great heavy breakfast – chill out place to be at.
Psst… FYI We are quite famous for two things: Korean dishes, free and fast Wi-Fi.

Café Peter is more than just a café. It is an experience. A connection.

Since 2010

and this is what we have been able to build for you.
Cafe Restaurant

Are you a student? A workaholic? A middle-aged person? Or someone who just loves coffee?? We are known to have the kind of coffee you will later crave for! With a warm and cozy ambience, this is the ‘adda’ for everyone who wants to come and chillax!

Cafe Restaurant Bar

What is your idea of a bar? Awesome lounge seating, with the right lighting and cool ambience, where you get the most exotic and marketed liquor?? Well, Café Peter HAS IT ALL! Don’t get confused, we are much..much more than a café!

Pure Veg cafe Restaurant

Welcome to Café Peter, veg: where you can truly romance with your taste buds. Try out some of our exotic new dishes, ranging from Korean to Intercontinental and Western to Indian cuisines. From early morning breakfast to late night Dinner, and fancy Brunch to an Office Lunch – come feast at café Peter.

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